Feeding Frenzy

Freshest Tasting Tinned Tuna in Saudi Arabia.

To relaunch Aloha tinned tuna amongst the schools of the other brands in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Challenge

    The objective of this campaign was to re-launch Aloha Tuna in Saudi Arabia, where the tinned tuna market is already very mature. As such, we were primarily targeting new consumers, to encourage trial of the Aloha brand. However, we also needed to create awareness amongst current consumers, of the new packaging that was being introduced.

  • The Solution

    With a promise of incredible freshness, Aloha Tuna would attract more than the public's attention, in particular tuna's biggest predator; sharks.

    To reflect this, shark-warning signs were placed in the aisles and on the floor. These sharks wanted their tuna back and followed anyone with a tin of Aloha, obtained from free samples given out at our shark cage, or purchased in-store, from shark-proof cages adapted to the shelves. We then released remote-controlled sharks in the mall and hypermarket. The sharks hunted anyone who netted our tuna, up aisles, in lifts, and to their car, attracting much attention.

  • The Results

    Despite the lurking presence of one of man’s most dangerous predators, people were still happy to dive in. Fortunately there were no reports of human loss. The tuna however, didn’t survive. Thousands of cans have been netted, raising the sales by 26%.