ATFD Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates

Women's Vote

How we helped women voting according to their feelings

ATFD asked us to help women choose to vote for who ever they wanted, disregarding the influence of their male environment
  • The Challenge

    Encourage women to go out and vote for Tunisian fist ever free and fair election. The challenge was to let women know they could vote according to their feelings despite the influence of men

  • The Solution

    A woman's voice is hacked by a male's voice. She feels really bad about it as the male's voice gives a sexist vision of how Tunisia should treat women. The film ends by this statement: Don't let anyone take your voice / your vote. On October 23rd, go vote. In Tunisian Arabic, voice and vote are the same word: soutek The film was aired 2 weeks before first Tunisian national elections.

  • The Results

    The TVCs generated a huge debate in Tunisia between the conservative and the progressists. It was the first time ever such a campaign tackling women's fundamental rights were broadcasted on TV. According to research, 88% turned out and voted 46% of those were women.