Boga Cidre



BogacidreTv is an integrated campaign promoting the Boga Cidre soft drink.
  • The Challenge

    Boga Cidre is a unique soft drink that only exists in Tunisia. People are very proud of it because they believe the brand is theirs. To amplify that feeling, we let them talk for the brand. We launched, a platform where users were invited to edit their own Boga Cidre commercials using 120 sequences shot in a bar. The best rated ads would be aired on TV, one for each day of Ramadhan.

  • The Solution

    A TV, radio and outdoor campaign invited people to make their own Boga Cidre ad on the website. Web banners gave a preview experience of the platform. Virals made with the website sequences gave a preview of the multiple possibilities.

  • The Results

    Massive earned media: the ads created by the users spread on social media promoting both the brand and the website. And ultimately, the winners received notification of the airing of their ad on TV which resulted in participants promoting the TV campaign. 675 different ads were created by the users. Over 240.000 votes. 461.000 views. 234.000 unique visitors. For the first time in Tunisia, 30 different ads created by the users were aired on national TV.