When Nature Hands You a Canvas.

BP Visco keeps your vehicle’s engine up to 30% cleaner than the ordinary lubricants.
  • The Challenge

    Unlike ordinary lubricants, BP Visco keeps a vehicle’s engine up to 30% cleaner. Our task: convey this message in a creative way by avoiding the usual crowded channels and charm motorists into trials.

  • The Solution

    Being in the desert, Dubai is a pretty dusty place. With the habit of settling on cars, the dust allowed us to turn car bonnets into eye-catching artworks – showing BP Visco’s “clean” effect on the engine. Cars were parked and driven all over Dubai, while the stencilled fliers were left for motorists offering them 30% off their next Visco oil change.

  • The Results

    Dustvertising caugh the eye of Dubai’s motorists and the international blogging community. With the increased brand awareness and promotional activity, a campaign that cost a few hundred dollars had a huge impact.