Coca Cola Middle East

Coke Light - VIA

Coke Light - Very Important Apartment

Coca Cola Light needed to launch its 2009 summer promotion as something never seen or done before.
  • The Challenge

    The objective of the promotion is to excite consumers and encourage participation with the brand across the Middle East Region. It also had to credibly build the association of Coke Light as the enabler of women`s paths to their personal definition of happiness. Arab women in the region desire to be more and want more than they outwardly show. They live vicariously through the world of celebrity glamour and aspire to "see and to be seen" among peers with that little bit of extra inner sparkle.

  • The Solution

    A branded entertainment promotion to give away the Coke Light - Very Important Apartment in Dubai. A one of a kind apartment, visited by celebrities,adorned with gifts and once in a life time moments of sparkle. MBC`s "Style and Stars" TV show was hosted in the VIA for 10 weeks, where consumers watch the celebrities visit and leave their unique signatures. A full 360 campaign supported the promotion across the Middle East, including a fully interactive Coke Light Website and social media community for the consumers to get together and enjoy the VIA.

  • The Results

    630,000 consumers participated to win the Coke Light VIA, viewership of "Style and Stars" doubled to 7.5 % roughly 7 million viewers, tens of thousands of online visitors and social media subscribers, increases in key brand indicators across Coke Light markets.