Dove Integrated Social Media 2012

Real Beauty Comes to Facebook

Dove wanted to help women realize their personal potential for beauty.
  • The Challenge

    Women are inundated with messages about beauty, most of which are damaging to women's self esteem. Dove wanted to reverse some of the damage wreaked by mass messaging and help women define the concept of beauty for themselves, and on their own terms.
    The task was to create truly dynamic experiences for women to constantly appreciate and celebrate real beauty effortlessly, everyday. We wanted every woman to live with a sense of beauty that transcends the self.

  • The Solution

    We created pockets of “inspiration” throughout the year with four social-lead efforts that used Facebook as the base, three of which were Applications: “The Dove Friends App” introduced conversations about what real beauty is, “The Wave Goodbye to Dry Hair App” let fans upload pictures and be featured on an advertising billboard, and “The Dove Book App” gathered quotes about real beauty to be featured in a book. Lastly, “The Dove Breast Cancer Campaign” was an activation that utilized vouchers for women to access mammograms at a reduced cost.

  • The Results

    In just seven months our fan base grew by 75%, culminating with a total of 61,255 member gained overall. 545 participants engaged with the “Dove Friends App,” and the buzz around it boosted our fan base by an astounding 53%. 1,085 fans uploaded the “Wave Goodbye to Dry Hair App,” topping up our fan base by another 30%. Finally The “Dove Book App” and the “Dove Breast Cancer Campaign” combined attracted 2,270 more fans!