Tasteable Print Ad

How to make people try Fanta’s New Taste without giving them a can.

Introducing a new improved flavor, Fanta reinvented sampling – using traditional media.
  • The Challenge

    Fanta was to launch its improved flavor to a market of option-packed, savvy teens in the Middle East. We found that teens in the Middle East constantly follow the biggest trends and fashion through magazines. As a result, we were tasked to utilize trendy magazines to strategically target our audience. Given this very predictable print medium to work with, our task was to have people try Fanta’s New Taste that’s Deliciously Orange – without giving them a can of Fanta.

  • The Solution

    Firstly, on print we described the new improved, more-orangey flavor the best we can – however, we knew that no words could fully express the delicious taste. So, we hired chemists to replicate the taste and infused Fanta’s new formula onto a fully-consumable type of paper. Thus creating The World’s First Tasteable print ad. This allowed for readers to tear and try the new taste of Fanta, straight from the magazine without having to drink it

  • The Results

    We communicated the new taste with our target audience, who shared it with their friends. The reinvented sampling experience garnered from 0 to over 135,000 fans and counting. With 30% fans talking about the new orange-y taste. Not only did we win our audience with the new reformulated flavor but we connected with them while staying true to our brand’s essence of ‘playfulness’.