An Idea With Balls

The Unavoidable Desert Classic Golf Prank.

Golf Digest Magazine wanted to increase sales and generate brand awareness during The Dubai Desert Classic.
  • The Challenge

    Golf Digest Magazine wanted to drive awareness of their publication during the prestigious Dubai Desert Classic event and remind golf enthusiasts that they could improve their game by reading the magazine regularly. But how do you create buzz among the big spending official sponsors?

  • The Solution

    We leveraged the massive scale of the event with a guerrilla stunt that created the illusion of spectators’ cars being hit by wayward golf balls. Hundreds of golf balls were cut in half and stuck on the windows of the cars parked near the event, making the glass look shattered by a stray ball form the adjacent course. And of course, the ball had a message for them. “Golf lessons – learn form the pro’s at Golf Digest.”
    We amplified our ideas further by scattering hundreds of golf balls around the cars. These acted as great giveaways.

  • The Results

    476 cars were “hit” and sales increased by 187% over the 4-day event. Leaving a big smile on everyone’s face.