A Stroke of Off-Beat Humour

The Unavoidable Desert Classic Golf Prank.

Golf Digest Magazine wanted to increase sales and generate brand awareness during The Dubai Desert Classic.
  • The Challenge

    Golf Digest Magazine wanted to drive awareness of their publication during the prestigious Dubai Desert Classic event and remind golf enthusiasts that they could improve their game by reading the magazine regularly. We also wanted to create buzz among the big spending official sponsors.

  • The Solution

    We wanted to remind golf enthusiasts just how bad their shots could be and how they can get back on the green by reading our magazine. We erected a series of motion sensors around the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Course. These were linked to golf ball ejecting machines hidden in nearby trees. So when people walked by a motion sensor, a golf ball fell from a tree and landed at their feet. When they picked it up, they read the message: tired of wayward shots? Read Golf Digest.

  • The Results

    With over 15,000 people visiting the event over 3 days, what better way to speak to golfers than with a touch of wayward humour?