Heineken Container

Heineken Extra Cold

Reinforce the reach and appeal of Heineken as an international premium lager.
  • The Challenge

    Western consumers perceive the Heineken brand as mainstream within the Gulf. Our biggest challenge was to reinvigorate the brand’s premiumness. We needed to feature Heineken Extra Cold by creating a unique Heineken brand experience to reconnect with our audience.

  • The Solution

    We decided to create a unique and engaging experience: Life at zero degrees. Our consumers would be able to enjoy a unique Heineken Extra Cold experience during the hottest occasions. To do that, we created a space that would be the first of its kind in the Middle East. With its unusual, edgy look, it attracted a lot of interest. To reinforce the idea, the consumers received a Heineken branded hat or scarf on entry and the initial entrance was chilled to 5 degrees celsius. Their reaction was captured on motion cameras as they experienced this sudden drop of temperature. With the LED mood lighting, a live DJ and replica bottle fridge walls, all was in place for a great experience. Even the glass doors had silhouettes of frosted handprints to create an extra cold frosting effect.

  • The Results

    4564 connected consumers in only four events. Product Quality increased from Q4 51 to Q1 54, which is an indicator for premiumness. Positive Uniqueness increased from Q4 41 to Q1 45 delivers against Heineken standing out as an International Premium Lager.