It comes once and makes a big difference

To reinforce awareness of Kotex Black as a fashion partner to young women
  • The Challenge

    Our consumers are not always the shoppers. The core target 16 - 24 rely on their mothers to get them their pads as they do their weekly shopping. We had to reach out for our target outside the store, and get them to know the brand and understand its value as a fashionable accessory for fashionable girls.

  • The Solution

    Building on Kotex’s selling line of “pads in fashion”, we created the Kloset, a Facebook app that gave users the chance to revamp their wardrobe by allowing them to win great fashion prizes. We built an online closet as a Facebook app with different departments that included Sunglasses, Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Beachwear, and a complete summer collection. We then color-coded each department, and printed giant keys to match. Our Kotex girls invaded Lebanon’s hot spots, equipped with iPads and the full set of keys. Participants were asked to choose a key, then pose for a picture with it.
    The pictures were then uploaded on our Facebook page, and participants were
    encouraged to share them and invite their friends to like them.

    The people with the pictures that got the most likes in each category walked
    away with $300 vouchers at some of the country’s trendiest stores.

    As a special twist to encourage participation, we added the black section of
    the Kloset, where anyone who voted for a pic had the chance to win a $1500

  • The Results

    The campaign surpassed our expectations as young women eagerly
    shared their pictures, creating awareness for the brand and paving the way
    for a direct relationship with our key target segment. Brand awareness rose
    dramatically, and so did the likes. In just four weekends, we doubled the number,
    reaching a total of 11, 667. We also made 55 winners very, very happy and that
    much more unique.