Le Charcutier

Le Charcutier Campaign

Spend 45,000 LL at Le Charcutier and enter the draw to win 300,000 000 LL

Memac Ogilvy launched a campaign with Le Charcutier to enable the Lebanese to win 300,000,000 LL
  • The Challenge

    We wanted to increase the sales and awareness of Le Charcutier among the Lebanese public. We decided to use this as a platform for our campaign.

  • The Solution

    Television commercials on the basis where when you spend 45,000 LL in any Le Charcutier branch you enter the draw to win 300,000,000 LL

  • The Results

    The results were outstanding, Le Charcutier branches doubled their revenue in less than 2 months. This caused heavy traffic in customer awareness as well as customer curiosity .