Swedish Wine

Swedish Wine

Swedish Wine, a direct communication made to promote the benefits of energy savings towards the French community living in Tunisia
  • The Challenge

    Risol Solar Home Systems is a manufacturer specialized in solar panels. The Tunisian Government encourages the use of such technologies through low lending rates and fiscal deductions. But such governmental measures only concern Tunisians. Risol therefore chose to target high profile foreigners and particularly the French community, which constitutes the largest and wealthiest one and which is the most sensitive to environmental issues. Hence the brief : to stimulate awareness of the French community to the benefits of energy saving.

  • The Solution

    We played with the item of French national pride : wine. As global warming leads to climate changes, one can therefore easily imagine that in a few years time, ideal climate for wine production will move away from France, further north. A bottle of Swedish wine, 2057 vintage, was sent out to a large number of French residents to symbolize the scary future. A letter in appendix detailed how energy savings can help avoid the impact of global warming, underlining the fact that solar panels can change the way the world is evolving.

  • The Results

    Risol managed to make direct contact with 64% of the target of which 9% ended in a purchase act. The campaign received an excellent feedback and contributed to heighten the French community awareness on the benefits of energy saving. However mentalities still need to evolve and further value the importance of environmental issues.