RSA Interactive Print Ad

How to fully realize RSA's brand promise "Easy as Ever"

RSA wanted to simplify Dubai’s car insurance quote process, secure policy renewals and new clients.
  • The Challenge

    Getting a car insurance in Dubai is tedious, time-consuming and exhausting. And, in this pervasive culture of indulgent conveniences – RSA wanted to simplify the process and take the brand's  service experience ""Easy as Ever"" even further. RSA aimed to secure policy renewals and new clients at point of contact.

  • The Solution

    To devise genuine and literal direct response from the ad meant we had to build-in a tool that allowed for readers to communicate with RSA the very instant they get hold of the ad itself. A mechanism that’s thin and light enough to be integrated onto the print medium, and of course be able to functionally communicate with RSA immediately. We created The World’s First Fully Interactive Print Ad where users can get a quote straight from the medium just by keying-in their car plate number and mobile phone number, after which a quote would be sent to their mobile phones.

  • The Results

    We generated 171 responses from this exercise, which is 71% above target and means that 1.7 people used the execution per dispatch. From this set of respondents we secured 63 insurance policies worth of new business and 8 renewals. We believe that we also managed to cement RSA in the minds of everyone who utilized this execution as an innovator in a very homogenous playing field.