Sunsilk Style Pad

Engage With Young Girls in a Way They Can Relate To.

Sunsilk wanted to engage their key target audience, girls from 18 to 25, and create a lasting bond between them and the brand.
  • The Challenge

    The shampoo world is full of science and functionality. However our target's world is full of trends, fashion and style. We had to deliver a more emotive message than other shampoo brands and engage them in their world of new trends, styles and social media.

  • The Solution

    We changed our audience’s shampoo into a fashion accessory made to compliment their style. We created the first iPad app in the Middle-East to help girls look their best for every occasion. The Sunsilk Style Pad. In 3 easy steps, they could select their occasion, drag & drop their desired look, and discover the hairstyle that compliments it, and the recommended variant of shampoo to complete their expert look.

    We then partnered with New Look, a popular fashion brand and the perfect fit for our audience. Finding our audience in New Look stores and in malls, we demonstrated how to complete their expert look with Sunsilk. Armed with the Sunsilk Style Pad our fashion consultants helped consumers create their desired look. We gave them samples and a chance to win a trip to the London Fashion Weekend by liking us on the Sunsilk Facebook site.

  • The Results

    In no time we had created a community of more than 100,000 fashionistas who wanted to hear from Sunsilk. This figure continues to grow as Friends continue to share their experiences with other Friends.