Very Important Apartment (V.I.A.)


Tapirama, a Lebanese brand, needed a revamp after being in the market for more that 15 years.
  • The Challenge

    Tapirama was already in the Lebanese market for 15 years and it had been forgotten in the Lebanese market. So for this winter campaign 2012, we needed to revamp the brand, by communicating these payment modalities.

  • The Solution

    So for the first time we used a modern carpet illustration to communicate our big idea.
    And the concept was built around the carpets revolution, because in 2012 it was time for a change.
    The campaign took the form of printed OOH, delivering the big message across the whole country, and a use of targeted points like the Led screens in the country biggest mall.

  • The Results

    The campaign was very efficient and successful in the lebanese market, traffic in the showroom doubled, Women would now see Tapirama as a new and modern brand.
    Blogs talked about it. Over all there was a double media investment that generated great reviews according to statistics.