The Corruption Stock Exchange Market

How to raise awareness on corruption?

UNDP asked us to help behavior change on corruption in Tunisia
  • The Challenge

    In Tunisia, corruption is part of our everyday life. It became the solution to everything. Everybody does it, but nobody admits that. People see corruption as a convenient and immediate solution, they don't see its long-term consequences. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) wanted to target the youth and raise awareness on the problem. We thought it would have greater impact to make the youth actually participate in changing attitudes. So we decided to make them personaly admit that they know everything about corruption. But not just randomly. In a fun and playful way.

  • The Solution

    We launched a satirical website: The Corruption Stock Exchange Market, laboursedelacorruption.com. A crowdsoursing and direct visualisation platform where users can follow the corruption stock market values and are invited to declare anonymously the amount of money they paid to obtain everyday life favors. To reach a wider audience, flash news were aired in prime time on TV and radio to report the values and explain with an ironical tone the dramatic consequences for the country.

  • The Results

    With over 150.000 unique visitors on the website, the operation was a real success. People spontaneously engaged on the campaign Facebook page, submitting drawings or making fun of corruption. Finally, it was covered by most Tunisian media and ended up sparking a national debate. The campaign successfully helped raise awareness on corruption and introduced in people’s minds the necessity of behavior change.