Volkswagen Touareg

The Hijacked Rear-View Camera.

Volkswagen Touareg wanted to advertise its unique parking system with 360° bird’s eye view.
  • The Challenge

    Rear-view cameras are becoming a common feature in cars. However the Touareg has a parking system that is a step ahead: four cameras that monitor your surroundings and create a unique bird’s eye view, making parking the easiest thing in the world. Our challenge was to communicate this in a creative way.

  • The Solution

    We gave drivers of competitors’ cars a taste of the feature by using their own rear view cameras. We stuck a card in front of their camera inviting them to test-drive the Touareg. When they reversed their cars out of the parking space, they were able to read our card on their screens. They could also redeem the card for a free gift when going for a test-drive.

  • The Results

    We printed and placed hundreds of cards, in true guerrilla style. That said, we don’t know the number of test-drives we achieved. But let us tell you this: the entire stunt cost us less that what we would usually pay to target only one new buyer.