May 28 - 2012

MasterPeace & Memac Ogilvy tie the knot

Beirut, May 28, 2012 – MasterPeace, an international bottom-up peace movement aiming to bridge world conflicts, has recently appointed Memac Ogilvy, a multinational advertising & PR agency, as its public relations consultant in the MENA region. Memac Ogilvy will be handling the media relations, strategic counseling and brand stewardess for MasterPeace’s overall objectives of peace-building and creating a world with fewer conflicts, no nuclear arms, extensive international co-operation and active support for peace projects.

On the 21stof September 2014, MasterPeace aims to embrace the most heated conflicts worldwide in a performance gathering artists from conflict areas, world leaders and top musicians side by side bringing a message of positivity and togetherness. Cairo will be transformed into a Peace Capital in the week before the concert as the city will host several inspiring peace meetings bringing together world leaders, marketers, NGOs and social entrepreneurs for peace building innovation and information exchange. Documentaries of the exchange of vision, values, experiences and dreams will be broadcasted worldwide and especially in the conflict areas for the sake of peace building.

”We are working for the higher purpose of bridging world’s conflicts. As the day of the concert draws nearer we will need more supporters and advocates to the initiative, hence the partnership with Memac Ogilvy. We will rely on Memac Ogilvy’s extensive experience in campaigning and public relations know-how across disciplines and expansive network span to achieve this goal.” Mohamed Helmy, CEO MasterPeace, declared.

“We are looking forward to co-operating with such a great movement with which we as Memac Ogilvy share the same principles and values. Fulfillment of world peace has always been the dream of every person in the world and we are lucky to get a real shot at this. MasterPeace is the type of client where PR practitioners flex their muscles both conventionally and unconventionally.” Tarek Lasheen, PR Director, Memac Ogilvy Egypt, commented.

MasterPeace has started several attractive peace building projects, global and local, dedicated to put music above fighting, dialogue above judgment, bread above bombs and creation above destruction. Taking action to become part of this movement might start by creating an account on MasterPeace’s website and earning points in order to get the golden star giving the opportunity to attend the 2014 concert. People can start their initiative, support either one of the five MasterPeace initiatives or that of any other social entrepreneur or join a MasterPeace Club in their own city worldwide.