May 16 - 2012

Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia Awarded First Grand Prix in MENA Region at the 2012 Clio Awards in New-York

Beirut, May 16, 2012 – Memac Ogilvy Label has become the first Arab regional agency to win a Grand Prix at the Clio Awards in New York. The Tunisia-based agency won in the Innovative Media category for its “Return of Ben Ali” campaign for “Engagement Citoyen”, which also collected twelve Gold Awards across multiple categories at the Dubai Lynx Awards in March 2012.

With a total of 5 entries, ‘The Return of Ben Ali’ landed 6 Clio Awards; in addition to the Grand Prix in innovative media, the campaign won 2 gold Clios in innovative and out-of-home, silver in content and contact, and bronze in both PR and online film.

Edmond Moutran, Chairman and CEO of Memac Ogilvy expressed his pride in the team’s great achievement. “This is an outstanding accomplishment for the entire network and I am extremely proud of our team in Tunisia for their incredible work on this initiative. The amazing results of the campaign and this prestigious award not only further reaffirm our position in the industry but, more importantly, stand as proof that enthusiasm, leadership and creativity are capable of mobilizing an entire population”.

“The return of Dictator Ben Ali” was an engagement campaign created by Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia to re-activate people’s political engagement, with a strong and effective reminder that their vote counted. As a result of the campaign, an unexpected rise of electors’ registrations in city halls was pointed out by the media. Little by little, indi¬fference toward vote was replaced by personal commitment thus resulting in 88% voting turnout, far higher than the expected 55%.

“Under Ben Ali’s dictatorship, censorship was suffocating Tunisian creativity. Throughout the campaign, we have managed to associate the name and image of Ben Ali with the re-birth of creativity. With this recognition, I realize that our campaign not only touched Tunisians’ hearts and successfully solved a local issue, but also had a real resonance in the rest of the world. We have reached the twin peaks of creativity and effectiveness and that’s something we are very proud of”, expressed Nicolas Courant, Creative Director Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia.

On another note, Memac Ogilvy Dubai also landed a bronze in out-of-home for its ‘Pixelated Truth’ for “Reporters Without Borders”. Both agencies’ wins contributed to Ogilvy & Mather being named “Network of the Year”.

This year’s Clio Awards received 11,000 entries and the winners were honored at the 53rd Clio Awards Ceremony held on May 15 at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History.