Jun 08 - 2012


Beirut, Lebanon June 8 2012 – Award-winning communication firm Memac Ogilvy announced the opening of its new office in Iraq. Based in Royal City Erbil, Kurdistan, Memac Ogilvy Erbil, the fourteenth branch within the network, will deliver a new generation of advertising and public relations.

Memac Ogilvy Erbil will constitute a milestone in the history of communication in Iraq and will bring an integrated approach to managing brands in this market. Providing its clients with advertising and PR services, Memac Ogilvy Erbil, will be in direct contact with the network’s offices around the region to broaden their reach beyond the country.

“Geographical expansion follows our clients’ needs throughout our history and since 1984 we have opened offices in markets where the clients asked us to do so. Erbil is no exception as several of our clients asked us to be in Erbil” said Edmond Moutran, Chairman and CEO of Memac Ogilvy & Mather Holding, Middle East & North Africa. “Opening a new office in a new territory such as Iraq was a challenging decision to make, but we have faith in the future of this country in general and in Erbil area in particular, which we consider as our gateway to the entire Iraqi market.” he added.

The inaugural marks the completion of a comprehensive integration program that includes inductions into Memac Ogilvy tools, guidelines, processes and standard procedures to ensure effective representation for group clients.

Memac Ogilvy Erbil, managing director Charbel Mezher commented, “We are excited to operate in Memac Ogilvy’s first office in Erbil as this will further underline the network’s commitment to growth and expansion in the region.” “We believe that this expansion will set new communications and advertising milestones in Iraq and that Memac Ogilvy’s strong reputation will assist in further supporting Erbil as the country’s commercial hub.” He added.