Apr 21 - 2010

OgilvyOne launches enhanced digital media solutions in the Bahrain market

OgilvyOne unveiled a new service, neo@Ogilvy which offers end-to-end digital media solutions from creative concepting through to media investment, implementation and optimisation, at the Memac Ogilvy & Mather offices in Bahrain on Monday..

A presentation and luncheon was held with Agency clients and other Bahrain-based companies who are interested in enhancing their digital presence. The presentation led by neo@Ogilvy Business Director, Anna Gibbons and OgilvyOne Bahrain Business Director, Hannelore Grams focused on turning Digital media into performance based marketing.

“Planning and buying digital media is completely different to buying traditional media. With traditional media once the space is purchased the job is almost finished. However, once digital media is bought the job has only just started. Constant monitoring and data analysis can improve performance therefore enabling companies to gain more value out of digital channels.”

“At neo@Ogilvy we specialise in optimising a brand’s web presence. Because we can track and measure all consumer interactions with a brand in the digital space, we use this information to continually improve campaign performance. This might mean testing different channels, improving creative, multivariate testing on the landing environment or changing a purchase or registration process in order to optimise a user experience with a brand in real time,” explained Anna Gibbons.

The service of neo@Ogilvy will be available to companies in Bahrain who want more effective digital presence.

“Here in Bahrain we are delighted to add this service to our overall offering. We believe there is a strong market as there is growing competition of websites in the market and a higher demand on relevant search activity. Driving customers to web is critical in today’s ever increasing connected world,” said Hannelore Grams.