Hadia Time

Lenovo, well known in the region for its ThinkPad line of computers, was trying to establish brand and product presence in the highly competitive smartphone market. Currently, its competitors (Samsung, Apple and Huawei) dominate most categories and outspend Lenovo, who only have 3% share of spend in the category. So they needed to think smart.

We realised that on one hand, people in the UAE spent hours on their mobile phones every day, whilst on the other, there was a huge percentage of migrant workers that didn’t have enough airtime to speak to their families back home, they decided to use Ramadan to start a legacy of CSR in the region, build brand awareness and generate positive sentiment for the brand.

This was always going to be a challenge with their conservative media spend, especially during Ramadan, a time where marketing spend rises significantly and the advertising landscape is cluttered.