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It's that affordable


With city populations on the rise, living spaces are becoming increasingly limited. People find it difficult to furnish confined spaces in a comfortable and stylish way. IKEA wanted to demonstrate that no matter how cramped your space, there’s always a smart solution.


No matter how confined your apartment, at IKEA we think that you should make the most of your space. In order to demonstrate our commitment to saving space, we put an entire IKEA store in a 300 x 250 pixel web banner, creating the smallest IKEA store in the world.

We targeted people looking for studio flats as well as one/two bedroom apartments by placing our tiny stores in the real estate section of community websites.


As with our full-size stores, you can research by department, browse and buy any of our 2800 products on display. Our message was successfully brought across; even if your space is restraint, with IKEA your choices are extensive.