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    Bon Voyage!

Royal Jordanian

Bon Voyage!

The Campaign

The airline called on customers to travel to the United States before, and in case, Trump won the US elections.


The ad was prepared in less than 24 hours and was shared on Royal Jordanian’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages the day before Election Day.

  • Business Impact: Bookings to the US increased by 50% in December of 2016 when compared to 2015 bookings. Traffic to Royal Jordanian’s website increased by 300%. 10,000+ Jordanians travelled to the US
  • Social Media Impact: Achieved a 750 million organic reach across all of Royal Jordanian’s social media platforms. 26 official news sites and blogs reported or circulated the ad. 12 celebrity journalists and 13 official twitter accounts of major media platforms commented on the ad.
  • Dollar Value: Cost USD 0 and profits reached USD 874,000.
  • Behavior Impact: Generated an outpour of online and offline support for Royal Jordanian, enhanced the airline’s affinity, cheering people up in troubling times, and diluted the stereotype that Jordanians are too serious. Other brands joined the conversation we created, and top media and digital sites around the world voted the ad as one of the best #USElections tweets.

The Situation

Royal Jordanian sought an opportunity to boost its reputation as Jordan’s national air carrier by starting and engaging in conversations with the public and lowering flight costs. Capitalizing on the US elections and candidate Donald Trump proposed ban on Muslims entering the US.

The Strategy

In one of his speeches, Trump proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the US if he became president. With Jordan’s population 97% Muslim, Royal Jordanian could not ignore this instance of hate speech. The airline seized the opportunity to launch a satirical online ad on its three largest social media platforms, capitalizing on Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims and the trending topic of the US elections while offering discount rates on its flights to destinations in the US. The ad would present the airline as both a responsive and relevant brand.