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    Life is an Awesome Journey


Life is an Awesome Journey


POND’S globally has a strong heritage of over 150 years and is a leader in providing women with products that produce the best skin care solutions. In the Middle East, the situation is not any different, with a range of skin lightening and anti ageing products to serve the needs of women.
With POND’S products targeting relatively older audience 28+ females, it was losing out on a large younger market who always considered POND’S for their moms and aunts, but not for them. To add to this, there was no product available from POND’S that catered to these young girls as well. Also, POND’S has never directly communicated with the younger audience before.
Seeing the gap in its portfolio and to make younger girls adapt to the brand at an early stage, POND’S decided to launch its complete Facial Foam range. This was the first time; POND’S was speaking to young girls.
The challenge was to make her switch from her existing choice of brand ‘Clean & Clear’ and start using POND’S Facial wash range.
Here we have a teenage girl, who doesn’t believe that POND’s is meant for her, is relatively skeptic about the new product and the last thing she needs is to be told by her mom, which brands to choose.


Placing ‘Fun over Functionality’ was our mantra to launch Pond’s Facial Foams. To be relevant to teens, we dug deeper into our insight – teens prefer a conversation with/about the brand rather than a one way imposing interaction from a brand.
We didn’t want to alienate the teens by talking down to them, so we spoke to them in a language they understood and shared – quotes.
Research shows that teens organically share motivational messages/quotes online as it gives them an opportunity to create their own virtual image and identity. For teens, every Facebook comment, like and retweet boosts their confidence and self esteem.
Tapping into this insight the Pond’s Facial Foams launch comms were tailored to fit our target group. A clever spin to the product benefits/variant name enabled us to seed Pond’s amongst teenagers. It was a makeover that encouraged teens to radically share the quote


Pond’s overachieved it’s measurable marketing objective by reaching 228 basis points instead of the original objective of 120 basis points (Nielsen, 2013).
With just 2 months into the launch, Pond’s Pacific Volume Share contribution shot up from zilch to a whooping 27%(Source:UL Sales report figures).Despite being a small portion of the portfolio it contributed 2.5% of the Pond’s Face Cleanser Volume Share(Source:UL quarterly share reads).Not only did we manage to recruit new users, but also switched existing Clean & Clear Users to Pond’s Facial Foams.
Below is the reflective data from the top contributing Modern Trade stores:

Clean & Clear Pond’s Facial Foams
April Volume Share(Top selling MT) 27% 2%
May Volume Share (Top selling MT) 24% 27%

It was crucial for us to get teens to try the product, but it was even more important to break the perception that Pond’s was a Mom’s brand. With recruitment of 2,068 teenage fans(Source:Facebook Admin), 4,098 online interactions(Source: Havas, Digital Agency), and 80,000 physical interactions (Source: Infinity, BTL execution)with teens, we can confidently claim that Pond’s is now a brand relevant to teens.